Pet Odor Removal

Many companies treat pet odor problems by spraying enzymes over the surface of the carpet. Though this may mask the odor for several days, this method merely acts as a band-aid, as pet odors quickly come back. We know 90% of the pet urine resides in the carpet backing and pad, requiring a more permanent solution.

I have saved thousands of customers the expense of entirely replacing their carpets with my method! My pet odor treatments consists of locating pet contaminated areas by use of an ultaviolet light. This procedure detects urine whether there is a visible stain or not. After locating the contaminated areas, we inject a powerful enzyme into the padding, which is designed to dismantle the urine at a molecular level. This stuff is really amazing! It has proven successful even in the most pungent odor removal jobs. We then thoroughly steam clean the carpet and spray a topical layer of enzymes on for good measure. This leaves your carpets smelling fresh and deodorized.